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Robert Tuller:
Not Just Another Shopkeeper

Owner/chef Robert Tuller’s personal life philosophy
is all about tasting it all, living life to the fullest, and
never giving up. That is why, after years of looking
for the ideal career — as a Navy Seal, a bond
broker — Tuller finally landed at New York City’s
French Culinary Institute, developing and refining
the skills of what he loves most: food and the art of
entertainment. With Brooklyn’s Tuller Premium
Food, opened in September 2001, he has found a
happy home in the food industry.

Tuller’s other passion, running 100-mile
ultramarathons, is only fitting for a man whose
main priority is to prepare and consume “the best
of the best” in the world of food and wine. This
sense of adventure enables Tuller to thrive in his
store. Whether he is suggesting recipes or flavor
combinations to customers, preparing new dishes
in his on-site store kitchen, or traveling to the
remote sources of his passion — to makers of
artisanal specialty products of all kinds and to the
high-altitudes of his trail-racing hobby — Tuller is
living the life of a renaissance man and risk-taker.
Tuller Premium Food
A Treasure Trove for the Senses

Only 750 square feet houses what many consider
to be the most discriminating specialty food
inventory in New York. “With such limited space, we
take great care in selecting every item in the store,”
says Robert Tuller, owner/chef of Brooklyn’s Tuller
Premium Food, “whether you’re looking for
olive oil
, rice, or pasta — you’ll find only the best

Those not up for doing their own cooking can be
sure the same meticulous sensibilities go into the
store’s prepared foods. The state-of-the-art kitchen
takes up half the tiny space, which fills with the
tempting sights and smells of simmering
roasting meats
, and grilling vegetables.  A graduate
of the French Culinary Institute (1996), Tuller
ensures that “flavor comes first” in all dishes, from

chocolate-chip cookies
to filet mignon.

And then there’s the
cheese — approximately 100
varieties of artisanal selections from cheesemakers
all over the world are the main draw for
discriminating connoisseurs of Brooklyn. Most
popular selections are the seasonally sensitive

Vacherin Mont D’Or
, reliable classics Grafton Gold
and Colston Bassett Stilton, and the
beautiful West Coast wonder
Humboldt Fog. For
those not sure what they’re in the mood for, Tuller’s
knowledgeable staff always encourages tasting.

Open since September of 2001, Tuller has faced the
challenges of a struggling economy by establishing
a loyal following in a booming neighborhood. “The
Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, and Carroll Gardens area
has been waiting for a store like this,” says Tuller.
“Our customers still tell us that every day. We are
very grateful to feel so welcomed.”
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